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Frequently asked questions

Why Recycle?

Did you know that 79% of waste still ends up in landfill? This includes plastic, household waste but also surprisingly enough, metal. An astonishing 91% of plastic is not recycled.  Another small percentage of scrap metal is taken to the local tip or is indefinitely “stored” on yards and in gardens. Why? The main reason is that people are not willing to put the effort in to separating waste and taking it to the right places.

The main idea of recycling is to reduce the energy needed to make that specific (raw)material. Think of the effort that needs to be put into mining raw materials. Mining is expensive, invasive and dangerous. Furthermore, it reduces human- and wildlife habitat. Re-using existing metal can lower energy usage up to 80%.

What are the harmful effects of metal?

The main threats to human health from heavy metals are associated with exposure to lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. It is only logical to conclude that not only our health is at risk here. Were are talking about any living creature that comes in contact with water that is contaminated.

We do our part in this process by first and foremost collecting the metal. We try to prevent companies and factories storing scrap on their own premises, especially in locations that are near to water ways.

What type of metals do we collect?

We collect any type of unwanted metal. Unsorted and uncleaned. Ferrous, non-ferrous, wires, cables, bars, assembled, shavings, appliances, electronics, batteries and more. We are especially interested in plumbing pipes and electric wires.

Ferrous metals contain iron. Examples are: mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and wrought iron etc. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron. Examples are: copper, brass, lead, zinc etc.

By recycling all types of metals, we do our part to reduce waste that ends up in places where it is of no use to anybody, and above all damaging to the environment.

How do we work?

We offer you a no hassle and no effort opportunity to earn money from your scrap metal. All you need to do is give us a quick call. We collect your scrap metal, weight it and pay you a good price for it. Then we take care of the recycling in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner, without you having to lift a finger.

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